Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ceol Na Pioba Solo Bagpipe Competition

October 24th was the 2nd annual Ceol Na Pioba Solo Bagpipe Competition. Even though the planning kept me busy, I got to compete and enjoy the camaraderie.

Lezlie Webster judged this year, which was her first time in Louisiana! Fortunately the weather held off a week before getting nasty!

It was really great meeting Lezlie and having the opportunity to play for her.

Events began a bit after 9:30am with Lyle's rendition of "Field of Gold" which is just the best Piobaireachd out there! (admitted bias)

I began with the 2/4 March, which I was very pleased with. Then the strathspey/reel, which I think has been my best playing of to date. My 6/8 crashed in the 2nd part, but the 1st, 3rd, and 4th parts really sang. I am still beating myself up about that. The Jig was nice too.

More videos are up at

The results:

2/4 March - Dunoon Castle – 1st
Strath/Reel - Ewe with the Crooked Horn/Bessie McIntyre – 1st
6/8 March - Salute to Mr. Winston Churchill - 2nd
Jig - The Curlew – 1st

The setup:
Dunbar Poly P-2 drones, Kron ABW chanter, drone reeds are Apps/Naill, bag is the older Ross ex-small zipper without the guts, moose valve.