Monday, November 15, 2010

Remington College Commencement

I was invited to play for the Fall 2010 commencement ceremony for Remington College at Shreveport November 12th. It was a lot of fun to play at. Newly re-elected Mayor Cedric Glover gave one of the best commencement addresses I've heard. Granted I've only been to a handful, but the statement still stands.

One of the lines from his address was about commitment. He asked "do you want to be a hog or a chicken?"...which he explained, a chicken gives an egg and lives to see another day while a hog gives bacon and thus gives it all for that contribution.

I was to pipe in the faculty and students and then pipe them out.

I arrived about an hour before march off to dress, meet with Dr. K to go over the rout, and tune.

I tuned for about 20-25 minutes beginning with "Wings" right out of the bag. Gave a quick tune up. Played "Field of Gold" and gave a more in-depth tune up. Played "Siege of Delhi" and gave my final tune up before lining up.

I piped in with "Wings", "Jimmy Findlater", "Murdo's Wedding", "Wha Sae the 42nd",and "Scotland the Brave". I think that was the order.

I piped out with "Atholl Highlanders", "Cock of the North", and "Salute to Mr. Winston Churchill" (which had a few people humming the melody afterward).

The setup:
New Henderson drones, Kron ABW chanter with MacPhee reed, drone reeds are Selbie, bag is the new Ross-suede Livingstone zipper with the guts.

Ceol Na Pioba Solo Bagpipe Competition

October 23rd was the 3rd annual Ceol Na Pioba Solo Bagpipe Competition. It was a great weekend of competition and camaraderie with some old friends and new ones.

Jimmy McIntosh, MBE judged this year, which was a real treat to meet him and having the opportunity to play for him.

Events began a bit after 9:30am with Grade 4 senior Piobaireachd and then light music events.

Grade 3 began after the lunch break with Lyle's rendition of "Struan Robertson's Salute" and then my "Lament for Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell of Glengarry".

I was very pleased with my piobaireachd and am very proud of the comment Jimmy wrote on my sheet, "You played the tune with intense feeling, showed the phrasing very well."

Next was the 2/4 March, which I was very pleased with. Then the strathspey/reel, which I still feel a little off with but am beginning to get the reel feel a little better. My 6/8 March and Jig was nice too.

I was really pleased with my pipes. The bag does feel slightly on the small side.

The results:
Piobaireachd - Lament for Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell of Glengarry - 1st
2/4 March - Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban – 1st
Strath/Reel - Ewe with the Crooked Horn/Bessie McIntyre – 2nd
6/8 March - John MacColl's Farewell to the Scottish Horse - 1st
Jig - The Curlew – 2nd
Solo Medley - 1st

The solo medley is always fun to play. I slipped a bit on the first jig.
A Father of Piping-Brian Barrow, Patrick McLaurin
The Rooster with the Crooked Tail
A.A. Cameron
The Kilt is My Delight
The MacFarlane’s
The Final Conclusion, P/M Paul Harrison
Paddy Be Easy
The Broken Tail, John Cairns

The setup:
New Henderson drones, new Henderson ABW chanter, drone reeds are Selbie, bag is the new Ross-suede Livingstone zipper with the guts.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Austin Solos

Back from a hot trip over to Austin, Texas for the solo competition. Lori, Doug, and all the volunteers did a great job and have big plans for the event next year. This year the judges were Chris Apps and Ed Krintz.

This was my first competition this year and despite the fact that I am still getting over the effects of a nasty fall (down time from playing really) I’d say the results weren’t too bad.

Chris Apps judged the Strathspey/Reel, Jig, and Piobaireachd events and Ed Krintz judged the 2/4 March and 6/8 March events.

I was first up for each event and unfortunately didn’t settle myself down in time for the 2/4 March. I started out well and immediately realized I had begun the 4th part for the 2nd part. On the repeat I had played the right part and the tune finished well. But the damage was done for that event. I was playing "Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban".

Next up was the Piobaireachd. Now, this was the first time since Tulsa ’08 that I played Piobaireachd in competition. I had been working on "Alasdair Dearg" since the beginning of the year and decided to play that one. I did well, and was awarded 1st place.

I decided to reintroduce “John MacColl’s Farewell to the Scottish Horse” for 6/8 competition. I think this was a tune I played back in 2008 a few times. I felt some hesitation in the 3rd part, but overall thought it went well. I was awarded 3rd place.

For the Jig and Strathspey/Reel I submitted my usual tunes “The Curlew” and “The Ewe with the Crooked Horn" and "Bessie McIntyre". I felt myself speeding up in the jig just a bit, but held it together; 2nd place. Call it a moon phase, but lately I’ve been a little confused on how to present my reel and was told it was a bit choppy in parts. Since the fall, I think my strathspey and reel have suffered the most. Hopefully it’s just growing pains. Overall it went well and I was awarded 3rd place.

Piobaireachd, “Lament for Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell”, 1st place
2/4 March, “Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban”, NP
S/R, “The Ewe with the Crooked Horn/Bessie McIntyre”, 3rd place
6/8 March, “John MacColl’s Farewell to the Scottish Horse, Argyll Sqd.”, 3rd place
Jig, “The Curlew”, 2nd place

Set-up: R.G. Hardie Henderson Pipes and ABW chanter, chanter reed unknown, MG tenors/Selbie Bass, Ross Livingstone bag.

The grade 3 field was an impressive group and I look forward to meeting everyone again soon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

List of Favorite Piobaireachd

As I continue to uncover these gems the list is surely to grow! But, for now these are my favorites:

"Lament for Alasdair Dearg MacDonnell"

to play and listen to.
played with C-a-M
Source of inspiration: James MacIntosh

"The Cave of Gold"
to play and listen to
Source of inspiration: Murray Henderson

"The Carles with the Breeks"
to play and listen to

"Struan Robertson's Salute"
to play and listen to
Source of inspiration: Donald MacLeod's setting

"The Field of Gold"
to play and listen to. A very relaxing tune.
Source of inspiration: William McCallum on the 2000 Donald MacLeod Memorial Competition CD

"The MacIntosh's Banner"
to play and listen to. Another very musical tune.

"The Bells of Perth"
to listen to. I really like the ground.

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Pipes

Finally getting around to posting about my new pipes.

New Henderson bagpipes by R.G. Hardie
Solo ABW chanter
MG Drone reeds
Ross Livingstone bag w/ canister

Some videos/sounds clips: