Monday, November 15, 2010

Remington College Commencement

I was invited to play for the Fall 2010 commencement ceremony for Remington College at Shreveport November 12th. It was a lot of fun to play at. Newly re-elected Mayor Cedric Glover gave one of the best commencement addresses I've heard. Granted I've only been to a handful, but the statement still stands.

One of the lines from his address was about commitment. He asked "do you want to be a hog or a chicken?"...which he explained, a chicken gives an egg and lives to see another day while a hog gives bacon and thus gives it all for that contribution.

I was to pipe in the faculty and students and then pipe them out.

I arrived about an hour before march off to dress, meet with Dr. K to go over the rout, and tune.

I tuned for about 20-25 minutes beginning with "Wings" right out of the bag. Gave a quick tune up. Played "Field of Gold" and gave a more in-depth tune up. Played "Siege of Delhi" and gave my final tune up before lining up.

I piped in with "Wings", "Jimmy Findlater", "Murdo's Wedding", "Wha Sae the 42nd",and "Scotland the Brave". I think that was the order.

I piped out with "Atholl Highlanders", "Cock of the North", and "Salute to Mr. Winston Churchill" (which had a few people humming the melody afterward).

The setup:
New Henderson drones, Kron ABW chanter with MacPhee reed, drone reeds are Selbie, bag is the new Ross-suede Livingstone zipper with the guts.

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